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So, my house is a house full of not-straight people. And accordingly, we have fur babies to keep us in tune with the 'natural' order of things. We lovingly refer to them as '2 of 6' and so on down the line, having adjusted from '2 of 7' last summer, when the oldest of the bunch, Stella, passed away. She was 16.

However, we do still have the remaining ladies and gents (well, queens and toms). We have Zoey, an aging older cat who does have a nickname (from Jon) of 'Old Kitty'. Zoey is fully gray, and despite being the BIGGEST food hog (both human and her own), she's practically skeletal. Given that she's about 17 years old, this isn't a huge surprise.

Next in line are the triplets; three of an original litter of five I think who have all been raised together. One other of their litter, Onyx, lived with them for a couple of years, but she died of cancer about 8 years ago. The remaining three are very close. We have Charcoal, our biggest cat at roughly 22 pounds, who is black on top, white on the belly, and unable to float. That story for another time lol. Extremely vocal and opinionated, Charcoal may be a chunk, but she still manages to fit into any box she wants to. At least she thinks she fits.

Along with Charcoal comes Tangerine, the eldest boy cat, who is (unsurprisingly) bright orange, with a white belly. Tangie is the most sociable of the cats, though all are likely to end up on a lap at some point in the day. But Tangerine is definitely the ambassador; every new visitor ends up greeting him upon arrival. I have friends who greet him before they greet me. Every. Damn. Time.

Last in the trio is my personal favorite, Semisweeet. A true tortoise shell cat, she's all the colors of brown you didn't realize were beautiful. She's also nicknamed 'left cat', because she has realized that if she sits under your left elbow as you sit at a computer, you have a free hand to pet her when you're merely mousing around. And if you don't, you get your elbow 'bitten'. It's more like an occasional tooth hits you as she holds it between her jaws, but it's hilarious.

The triplets are approximately 10 years old.

The baby boys are the twins Hapa (whose name I'm just learning how to spell today) and Midnight. Midnight is all black (surprise! lol), and looks just like his mama and siblings. Hapa is from the same litter and is the only one to prove who the daddy was, because Hapa is most definitely Siamese. Both the boys are about 1.5 years, and are the only ones with front claws. This means they're our neighborhood explorers, since they're the only ones who can make it up and over the fence. I don't see them nearly as much as the others, but they're in by the end of the night and usually on the counter when I'm cooking (one of the M's taught them that and OMG it's annoying!), trying to get some of whatever meat is being prepared.

To say this household of cats is spoiled is barely to brush the surface. But last night, they didn't think that. Oh no, because last night, we grew. Not by one even! By two. Meet the newest fur babies, Daenerys Stormcat and Tyrion LanCatster!

Tyrion and Daenerys

Tyrion has the dark paws, and Daenerys the white ones. This was my view from eye level, as they both decided that my shirt was the spot to be and fell asleep. There's video on my phone that I'll try to upload at some point.
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