kecharasmoon (kecharasmoon) wrote,

Tales of the CIA: A rant

What a day. What. A. Day. I literally had to stop three different times today and say to myself (audibly, no less), "You cannot afford to not have a job." It was like people either took stupid pills today, or asshole ones.

One of my employees not only messed up an order by going around a required deposit, he did it on his own! I pulled the call with the intent of being able to cite to the supervisor of the agent placing the order how he convinced my poor little newbie to break a big fat rule. Imagine my shock and anger to hear him OFFER up a solution that is not now, nor has it EVER been an okay thing to do. Said agent then proceeded to attempt to place other orders, and tell at least one of his fellow agents the same thing, because I spent all day tracking down the mistakes.

Add in codes not working, call flow just being all over the place, the computers SUCKING (seriously, my computer still uses Excel 2007), and never getting a chance to take a cigarette break, and I walked out of the office nearly crying in relief. A short jaunt home, a few moments outside with my buddy Jon, and now I can at last relax, click my cookies (damn you), and continue reading entries.
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